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Heirloom Keepsake Baby Hats

These adorable handmade hats are sure to be heirloom keepsakes to be passed down to future generations. Made with the highest quality yarns and attention to detail, they will help create lasting memories of the little ones we cherish for years to come.


Rubber Rain Boots

These perfect puddle splasher boots are made with the same quality as the adult version and like the adult version, every pair sold, a pair is donated to those less fortunate.

Animated Kids Hats

These aren't your ordinary animal hats...squeeze the paws and get a big surprise! The kiddos (or the young at heart) will have a blast making these hats almost come to life by squeezing the paws and making the ears stand on end. Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face.

Summer Gear

Keep the sun off while at the pool the with these floppy hats and a back pack to carry all the necessary gear.