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When in need for a quick host/hostess gift, birthday gift or just something to say thank you, look no further. We have wide array of unique items to satisfy most any occasion and here is a compiled list of our most popular items.

Moon Glow Jewelry

Be sure to check out our exclusive "Moon Glow" sterling silver necklaces and pendants for a truly unique and personalized gift. Just pick any date, past, present or future and refer to the moon phase guide to find the phase of the moon for that specific year and date. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, memorials or any significant date.


Who doesn't like a tasty frozen beverage either leaded or unleaded. The Wine-A-Rita frozen drink mix turns any bottle of wine or ginger ale into a delicious frozen concoction to be enjoyed on a hot summer day or casual get together. Can also be mixed with tequila, vodka, Champaign or non alcoholic sparkling wine.

Just Fun Stuff

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